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Annisa Petrik

Is it possible to play again? :)

Answer · · 4 a few minutes ago
Ahmad Windu

I heard it! My iPhone just came in the mail, even though I already have, I'll sell it, thanks everyone!

Answer · · 5 a few minutes ago
Putri Navir

I have my iPhone today. Thank you!

Answer · · 11 a few minutes ago
Fadhlan Soetoro

All prizes are empty !!!

Answer · · 15 a few minutes ago
Kevin Tan

Thank you!

Answer · · 38 a few minutes ago
Sarah Lukac

I thought it was a joke, but my gift card came this morning. However, you should follow all instructions carefully.

Answer · · 42 a few minutes ago
Abyasa Rante

I never won anything, but I got lucky today! Thank you!

Answer · · 1 an hour ago
Abyasa Pranata

I'm lost:(

Answer · · 1 an hour ago
Joyo Molnar

I had seen this game last year, but I ignored it because I thought it didn't make sense. This time I tried and I won :)

Answer · · 1 an hour ago
Kabul Movia

Thank you very much, this is great. is the best internet service!!!

Answer · · 2 an hour ago
Panuta Lie

Just confirm your number on the next page;)

Answer · · 2 an hour ago
Elok Damin

Am I the only one who got lost? :( :( :( :(

Answer · · 3 an hour ago
Michal Leoh

Okay thank you! Thank you!

Answer · · 6 an hour ago
Tomáš Aidia

Is that a joke?

Answer · · 6 an hour ago

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